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Report Builder

Finding vulnerabilities is fun; however, writing reports manually is not. We automate report generation to save your time for more research

Key Functionality

Your Template

You take your sample Word report, replacing real information with placeholders that will be substituted with actual data during the report-building process.


Our report builder was designed with unlimited customization and flexibility in mind. You can also write your own JavaScript code, which will be rendered during report generation.


We support all types of native charts in your template with unlimited customization.

In addition to the above, our report builder include:

Executive Summary Templates

We provide reusable templates for executive summaries and vulnerabilities. You can easily replace placeholders with real information for customization.

Custom Code

Need to display a custom date format? No problem! Define a function within a pltaform (JavaScript) and call it directly from your template.

API Support

If you wish to generate a report from your script or CI/CD pipeline, we expose an API to accommodate that specific use case.

Common Questions

Do you support images?
Yes, images are a crucial component in every security assessment report. You can add images, including GIFs, to the vulnerability descriptions, which will later be included in the final report.
Can we use native Word charts?
Yes, our report generator can modify information in any type or form of chart from your template.
What format of templates you accept?
As of now, we only support templates in Word (docx) format.
In what format we can export report?
You can export the report in either PDF or DOCX formats.
Is report being generated locally?
Yes, we do not send any vulnerability information or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to our servers.
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