BurpSuite Integration for Project Scope Management

Use PentestPad with Burp Suite for easier and more accurate penetration testing. Say goodbye to manual setup, save time, and boost team's performance.

At PentestPad, we're big fans of Burp Suite, an essential toolkit for modern penetration testers. We've found a way to make it work even better for you by connecting PentestPad with Burp Suite. This integration is all about making your testing smoother and more accurate.

Think about starting a new project on PentestPad. You lay out the project's goals and limits – the stuff you want to test. Usually, each person working on the project have to spend time setting up Burp Suite to match this. But not anymore. With our integration, PentestPad takes the details you've defined and creates a special file for Burp Suite. No more manual settings – you just download the file and load it into Burp Suite.

PentestPad's Scope Management

While creating project, we ask you to provide scope of testing - apart from using this information for classification of requests that go through our proxy and providing testing insight, this information will also be translated to Burp project file upon project creation.

Figure 1 - Scope Management

After project is created, Burp config file can be found at Resources section of the project, together with other attachments that may be added.

Figure 2 - Project Resources

Upon loading config file in Burp, you can verify the scope configuration at Target scope settings:

Figure 3 - BurpSuite Target scope

Saving Time, Avoiding Mistakes

This isn't just about being quick. Manual setups can lead to mistakes that mess up testing target (you don't want to do pentest for someone else, I've seen it happen). Our integration gets rid of that risk. Burp Suite gets the exact info it needs, so your testing is spot on.


At PentestPad, we're all about making your testing life easier. Our Burp Suite integration takes the hassle out of setup, so you can focus on the fun part -finding vulnerabilities. Welcome to smoother, smarter testing!